Investment lessons from “Blue Faced Beast”

Yang Zhi is a character in Water Margin. He has a nickname “Blue Faced Beast” because of a blue birthmark on his face. He is highly skilled in martial arts, but he is not good at swimming.

Yang Zhi wants eagerly to change his fate. We can learn investment lessons from his experience.

The first opportunity is to escort a convoy of precious minerals and plants as a tribute to Emperor. Unfortunately, Yang Zhi’s ship sinks in Yellow River. Yang Zhi knows nothing about sailing a boat. Therefore, it is not surprised his ship sinks with full load in a storm.

So far, Yang Zhi is still a lucky man. His second opportunity comes soon. Yang Zhi is trusted by a high rank officer.

Yang Zhi leads some men to escort a convoy of birthday gifts to the Capital. Yang Zhi envisions dangers of this business trip. Yang Zhi and his men disguise themselves as ordinary traders so as not to arouse any suspicion from potential robbers. Drinking alcohol is completely forbidden during the trip.

The weather is hot. All of them are exhausted and thirsty. By accident, one man sells wine that can quench thirst. In the beginning, Yang Zhi is vigilant and not allow to buy wine. His men plead constantly. After observation and consideration, Yang Zhi feels it is safe to drink some wine. Yang Zhi agrees and he also takes some sips. This is a scheme. They are tricked into drinking drugged wine and all of them become unconscious.

We can learn at least following lessons:

  • Invest in what you know.
  • Do not put all of eggs into one basket.
  • Stick to discipline.

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