Investment is same as weight loss?

In reality, stock market and weight loss share some similarities even though they lie in different areas. They always move in the path of least resistance. When one eats more, he gains weight. When one eats less, he loses weight. This also applies to investment. When more people buy stocks, the price goes up. When more people sell stocks, the price goes down.

The lost weight is to be regained and sometimes more. The stock market will bounce back after bottoming out.

The purpose of investment is to have a wealthy life. The goal of weight loss is to have a healthy life.

Wealthy and healthy can enhance each other.

Investment and weight loss share one more thing in common. They need perseverance. You could not become wealthy just one day. On the same time, you could not lose your weight just one day. It is a journey of lifetime.

If one is successful in weight loss, he will be the winner in investment, too.

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