The tragedy of Leopard Head—Lin Chong due to no financial freedom

This story is adapted from Outlaws of the Marsh, a historical fiction attributed to the 14th century author Shi Nai’an. The novel is one of China’s Four Great Classics of literature. The story happened around 1000 years ago. 

Lin Chong whose nickname was Leopard head was the first to be forced to Moutain Liang . His nickname showed he was brave, powerful and extraordinary.

Lin Chong was the coach of capital city’s 800,000 imperial guards. His salary and social status are high. Moreover, Lin Chong had a beautiful wife. Lin Chong devoted himself to his career because he was content with his life.

Lin Chong was a righteous man. Unfortunately, his boss, Gao Qiu, was not. More unfortunately, his boss had a step son Gao Yanei, who was a playboy.

Life was good, until one day ….

Gao Yanei encountered Lin Chong’s wife and was obsessed by her beauty. His dark heart twisted and he wanted to possess her with any cost.

What should Lin Chong do in this dilemma. The best way was to resign and flee. But Lin Chong did not.

Why? Because Lin Chong was not financial independent. He never made a plan for financial freedom.

Lin Chong chose to tolerate and suffer. One the contrary, his boss did not want tolerate and suffer because his step son was love-sick.

Finally, Lin Chong was exiled to a remote military outpost. This was not the end.

Lin Chong’s wife committed suicide because of harassment from Gao Yanei.

Fearing that Lin Chong will seek revenge upon his son, Gao Qiu sent murderers to kill Lin Chong. Lin Chong killed murderers and fled to Mountain Liang.

We should learn a lesson from Lin Chong.

  • We should make a plan of financial independence.
  • If the boss is not friendly, we can say NO because of our financial freedom.
  • We should read more books, especially great classics of literatures.

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