You still can get a refund even without receipts

Customers are gods. Some companies become to Devil when customers return faulty items. Customers can save money if they get a refund. Today, I will talk about my experience in this regard.

Lidl is a chain grocery in Germany. There are many Lidl stores in European countries. In general, it is easy to get a refund or an exchange if customers have a receipt and warranty is still valid.




Prisma is a Finnish chain store. There are Prisma stores in Estonia as well. It is easy to get a refund or an exchange if customers have a receipt. Customers even got a refund because watermelon was not ripe.

Philips is an international electronics company in Holland. It also has a good reputation. I bought a blue-ray DVD player in May 2015 and warranty was one year. It malfunctioned from December 2016. It stopped working in February 2017 and warranty expired. I wrote an email to Philips and explained the problem. Philips replied soon and promised to make an exchange. I suppose it is beneficial to Philips because it could investigate the problem and improve quality in the future.

Ecco is a shoe maker in Denmark. I bought one pair of classical style of man shoes. I only wore it in some important events, such as wedding. Two years later, the soles disintegrated. Some black stuff like foam dropped from soles. I lost receipt. I contacted with Ecco and sent them the picture of broken shoes. I got a new pair of Ecco shoes.

Stockmann is a negative example. It is the biggest store in Finland. It sells luxury or high-end products. I ever bought one pair of shoes from Stockmann and it stated that it could be refunded within 14 days. That pair of shoes blistered my feet. I asked them to give me a refund. They denied immediately with all of excuses. After that, I have not bought anything from Stockmann. Now, there is rumor that Stockmann has a financial problem and it closed its store in Russia. No matter how big the store is, it should never bully customers. Big stores should learn a lesson from Stockmann.

Searched from Internet, I found that no refund or return without a receipt is not an excuse. The responsible companies should take responsibilities of their products.

Do you have refund or return experience?

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    1. It is great that customers can returns without receipts. I also like Amazon. I have never tried Nordstrom.

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