Stock is anti-instinct

Duke Huan of Qi (reigned 685-643 BC), top one of the Five Hegemons, was the ruler of the state of Qi in the Spring and Autumn Period of Chinese history. He died of starvation. His corpse was not buried for 67 days. It was so badly decomposed that worms crawled out of his room. Then his officers found he died. Since then the emperors after him all took the lesson. They all started to build grand tombs once they got power. By this way it may prepare a place to bury in case something happens. The tragedy of Duke Huan mainly is because that his officers deceived him, e.g. Shu Diao, Yi Ya, Kai Fang.

Kai Fang was the prince of kingdom Wei. He hoped to please Duke Huan of Qi and rather to abandon his parents to serve Duke Huan of Qi. This is still understandable. Many of us also have to leave home and live in a city far away. However, the following things were not that normal any more. Shu Diao wanted to fawn Qi Huan Gong and cut his sexual organ. Shu Diao became an eunuch willingly. If he cut by himself, he must be very vicious. Yi Ya served Duke Huan of Qi with his culinary talent. The lord said, “the only thing which I have yet to taste is steamed infant.” Then, Yi Ya steamed his first-born and offered him to the lord.

Shu Diao, Yi Ya and Kai Fang succeeded to get some power in the country because their actions were against human instinct, which made them different from normal people. Duke Huan of Qi became a loser in the end because he was fooled by anti-human-nature people.

Stock market is actually a place against human nature and full of cheating and betray. The people who gained in stock is somewhat similar to Kai Fang, Shu Diao. They have different logic compared with ordinary people.

If we see some shop is on sale, we surely want to go in and have a look around to get something cheap. Most of the cases we probably would buy more than what we need. When stock market drops, stocks are like products on sale. However, in such situations, most investors would run away immediately and won’t consider to buy any stock any more. Don’t want to lose the margin gained, or to the most extend minimize loses— this is human nature.

We often talk about “no pain, no gain”. Though stock market is a weird area. To most of people, the pain and the gain are disproportionate. Sometimes it even becomes that the one who spend the most effort, gained the lest. The so-called stock experts who use 5 monitors to observe market maybe often gain from stocks. However, they may not gain enough money for their monitors in long run. The real master is pursuing long-term profit steadily.

Though most of industry areas are family business, stock area is one of the exceptions. Warren Buffett and George Soros are so successful in investment. However, Buffett’s son doesn’t want to become Buffett’s successor. Soros’ son doesn’t either for Soros’. They’d rather be away from such fortune. Isn’t it abnormal?

No! It just verified that investing in stock market needs a different mind from ordinary ones. To start investing in stocks, the one has to be “abnormal” or “different”. Here the word “abnormal” or “different” has no negative meaning. It just testified from one aspect why stock market is controlled in the very limited number of people’s hands, not majority people’s hands.

What is your opinion about stock market?


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2 thoughts on “Stock is anti-instinct”

  1. I’m a huge fan of the stock market. I think people that have cool and calm personalities that don’t panic during a storm can do really well in the stock market. I’d love to buy some more stocks if things started to fall again 🙂

    1. Thanks! Your method is the right way to buy stocks. I am interested in funds. I use dollar cost averaging.

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