Hobby first, then wealth follows

It is well-known that Gao Qiu and Cai Jing were notorious treacherous court officials in Song Dynasty (960-1127). However, they had their special talent. They got promotion because of their own specialty actually.

Gao Qiu (?—1126) was good at CuJu, which is an ancient sport like football. He could pass the ball accurately to the place where he . He was appreciated by the emperor greatly. He gained the No . 1 player at that time. In the end he became the highest military officer.

Cai Jing (1047-1126) was the famous calligrapher in the Song Dynasty. He took one piece of paper or a traditional fan and wrote some words then can trade for money. The emperor liked his handwriting very much and they often communicated together. Cai Jing then became the highest rank officer and he could regularly report to the emperor by writing. The emperor could often enjoy his handwriting.

Did you get the point? Special talent lead to opportunities. Internet eventually changed our work and life mode. People don’t have to work as scheduled from nine in the morning to five in the afternoon. Many people started their own business on the basis of hobbies or specialties.

Some people like watching TV or movies till early morning. It wastes time and it is also bad for health. It increases electricity bill and may also damage eyesight.

The benefit is that people could find the opportunity to get easy money, which is to find goofs or mistakes in movies or TV series. E.g. an ancient movie comes up a mobile phone; a famous old poem in Qing Dynasty was quoted in a movie telling a story happening in Song Dynasty. This needs knowledge and needs certain literary foundation. The salary is about 20,000RMB

People who like exercise could set up his own fitness friends circle. He can help to sell fitness equipment, or become fitness coach. He can not only get perfect shape but also enjoy beauties with perfect shape.

People who like to arrange the closet can help other people. Cleaning up a 2m wide closet may take half a day and sometimes she may earn over 600RMB. By this way she may earn money and also get opportunity to be close to fashion cloths. Or even she could peek some privacy.

Some people are shopaholic online. They could gather and categorize shopping information for others, or comparing the price and specialty of commodity. They may earn money easily and happily, meanwhile they help others from wasting money online.

If you love Lego, then you might be interested in Lego investment. Lego’s investment value surpasses gold

For the friends who like photography it would be even much easier. Every good photo may be sold for money, e.g. photos of nature scene or animals. Some young photographer have become famous, who are good at taking photos of northern lights (Aurora) and wild animals.

If one has his favorite hobby, it would be better to keep it. Gao Qiu and Cai Jing both gave up their hobbies because of fame and wealth. They gradually became treacherous in their times and eventually were notorious in history.

The last point to emphasize here is that too many hobbies may not be good. The emperor HuiZong who was the boss of Gao Qiu and Cai Jing in Song Dynasty was good at many areas, e.g. poetry, painting, instruments and go, and he also played well football. As an emperor, the only shortcoming was that he lacked of talent of governing a country. The country was ruined in end in his hand.

Some people may not have any favorite hobby. This is not a problem at all, on the contrary, congratulates! Now starting a “hobby” to save and invest money is not late. Let’s wish you would be accompanied with this “hobby” forever.

8 thoughts on “Hobby first, then wealth follows”

  1. Great point about how you can convert personal interests into cash flow creating endeavors. It just takes a little creativity and willingness to try. The best part is that since they are personal interests, you don’t get to enjoy yourself while trying even if it doesn’t convert in major income!

    1. Thanks! Yes, we enjoy our personal interests and make new friends with same personal interest. It would be better if our personal interests bring cash flow

  2. I definitely agree that having a passion can lead to some money down the road. It’s better than watching the world go by 🙂 I’d love for an opportunity to make some money with some of my passions 🙂

  3. The best businesses to start are ones where you’re passionate about the industry/field. Hard work without passion results in a lot of creativity not being unleashed. Only when you truly love what you are doing can you give it your all. And only by being 100% dedicated can huge success be achieved.

    1. Yes, agree with your only being 100% dedicated can huge success be achieved. All of us need to work hard.

  4. I really enjoy the perspective you have here – working on hobbies to me has always been more rewarding than spending time on passive entertainment like television, and I find more joy in creating content rather than consuming it 🙂

    1. Thanks! I enjoy reading your blog with creative posts. I have learned a lot from your blog.

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