One simple step to improve your credit card security

Online shopping is everywhere, persons can use credit cards to buy food, book air tickets easily. Stealing credit card number and password is a good business for some criminals. Understanding how to protect credit card safety is more important than ever.

Fortunately, some banks already taken some actions to prevent this kind of crimes.We use Nordea bank as an example.

You can limit the use of your card. Limiting the use increases security, as the card can only be used in the places you have authorized. Editing the limitations is free and easy. The changes you make become effective immediately.

Country limits on card usage

Select a geographical limitation on card payments and ATM usage according to your needs. The limitation can be set until further notice or for a fixed period. For instance, you can determine that your card normally functions in Finland only and extend your usage authorisation to all European countries for the period of your holiday. There are four alternatives to select from. Familiarise yourself carefully with the different usage area alternatives before you make the change so that your card will function as you wish. The limitation does not apply to online purchases.

Internet usage of your card

Activate your card for online payment if you want to do online shopping. When you do this, your card will be linked to the MasterCard Secure Code or Verified by Visa service, which improves the security of your online payments. When you make purchases in online shops connected to the service, you confirm your purchases with your access codes. You can authorise online purchases and block them again according to your needs.

Screenshots in this post give you some hints how to configure country limits and Internet usage.

From Everyday finances menu, you will see “Usage area and Internet” under Cards. Clicking it, you will see two sections.

  • Card payments at shops’ payment terminals and ATM usage
  • Card use on the Internet

By clicking “Change usage area” button, you can change your country limit easily in Netbank. In Netbank you can also allow or forbid online purchases with your card.

Last summer, I tested in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Before trip, I chose allowed usage areas only for Finland. When I was in a souvenir shop, I tried to pay with my MasterCard. It did not work as I expected.

I also tested Internet usage. Normally, I do not allow Internet usage. When I buy something online, the transaction is always rejected. Then I log into my Netbank and allow Internet usage. After transaction finishes, I do not allow Internet usage again.

Just one simple step can improve your credit card security.

2 thoughts on “One simple step to improve your credit card security”

  1. That’s a great tip to turn on and off your credit card if you’re going to buy things online. I never thought about it but that’s brilliant. Thanks for sharing!!!

    1. Thank MSM! We need to keep our credit card as safe as possible. Hope to hear more tips about security of credit card.

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