Low EQ caused a beauty to die

In order to understand this story, you need some knowledge. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wu_Song

Pan Jinlian was a beauty who was a character in a famous novel in China. 99% Chinese people heard her story even it happened 800 years ago.

Her life course was like a bankrupted investor. Two reasons resulted in this tragedy. One is that her EQ (Emotion quotient) was low, her emotion was out of control. The second reason is that she was credulous with stock market pundits.

Pan Jinlian knew how to manage her finance, she had stocks from “Wuda Shaobing”. “Wuda Shaobing” was not growing type stock, but the price was stable, in addition, there was a little dividend every year. Therefore, Pan Jinlian did not need to worry about her daily expenses.


Suddenly, “JingYangGang” drew attentions from investors. In spite of that JingYangGang was a startup company, it grew rapidly. It became the hot topic among investors and Pan Jinlian also hard a little information about JingYangGang.

By chance, Pan Jinlian met CEO from JingYangGang. She believed that JingYangGang would have a bright future after she got to know CEO. Pan Jinlian planed to invest JingYangGang with all of her assets. Suddenly, transactions with JingYangGang was suspended forever. Pan Jinlian was angry and full of resentment.

By accident, one traditional company- “XiMenYaoPu” came into Pan Jinlian’s world. XiMenYaoPu as a monopoly company and made a fat profit. CEO of XiMenYaoPu started to date with prostitutes even though he had wife and a few concubines. Because CEO did no spend time in managing his company, XiMenYaoPu has a big risk. CEO planed to raise more money from the stock market.

WangPo was the stock market pundit and she started to mislead investors. WangPo started to persuade Pan JinLian to buy XiMenYaoPu stock by using some tactics.

JingYangGang denied her without a hesitation. However, XiMenYaoPu invited her to invest. Pan Jinlian struggled in her heart, her emotion was out of control. Pan JinLian planed to revenge JingYangGang.

Pan JinLian sold out all of stock from WuDaShaoBing and bought XiMenYaoPu with all of her assets. This resulted in death of CEO from WuDaShaoBing. JingYangGang CEO found the secrethe took revenge on XiMenYaoPu. Finally, Pan Jinlian lost everything, even her life.

The lesson we should learn:

  • Controlling our emotion is very important. When a person is angry, his IQ is zero.

  • We can not trust stock market pundits because they get bonus from your lose.

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